Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is the difference between Pure Leverage, Empower Network, GlobalNPN, and Worldprofit?

Without dissecting each one I can honestly say, they all cost money, they all pay well, they all give you the tools you need to succeed. I have been a member of all of them at one time or another. I think you can be successful in each one if not all. Here is where I must include my disclaimer, even though you can make money with each of them, I do have a favorite which I will share in a minute.

First, why are you here? Are you here to make money online? Of course you are! First, I want to tell you the dirty little secret. You have to work in order to make money online. I know you wanted to get the magic button that just throws money at you without having to do anything.

Of all the programs online I have become partial to the Worldprofit training and tools. The number one best reason is the live business center. You work hard to generate traffic and they work hard to show everyone who comes in how great the program is. There is no other program online that offers this. On the other side when you do upgrade, you get a suite of tools that will simply overwhelm you. George is constantly adding videos and tools for you to learn and use. It is amazing how much one program can grow and offer products other programs only wish for.

There really is no reason to be a part of anything else online. One of the biggest benefits is the community. Everyone helps each other and shares what works for them every day. I encourage you to join for free and get one of the free traffic generating tools or if you can do it I strongly encourage you to upgrade for one month to see what is under the hood.

Will Buckley

Real E-Profit Online

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