Monday, August 3, 2015

Organic Profits

I decided to post a blog about this because I am seeing a pattern that is developing and people are getting scammed.

If you look at the last year there has been a program recycled every three to four months. Twice Confirmed Traffic, Pennies 4 Profit, USA Leads Club, and now Organic Profits to name a few.

Sadly, most people part with $60 dollars before they are aware of the problem. Just for fun and because of what I read here.   I signed up for Organic Profits and paid the fee. I then went to Warrior Forum and posted a warning about their product and how it did not work for me. And as stated in the scam warning above about USA Leads Club, Organic Profits said there was a problem with my payment, refunded my money and closed my account.

I am not going to get long winded here, just stay away from any program promising leads and being promoted like crazy on the safelists. Always look for legit programs that have been around for awhile.

Update: Boost My Online Biz is another one to add to this list.