Friday, January 8, 2016

Revenue Share Scams?

Is it my imagination or are Revenue Shares advertising sites exploding online? I ignored this from the beginning, but as usual the strong desire for people to make quick money overrides common sense. 

In my opinion, My Advertising Pays started the ball rolling and people made a lot of money with it and when it stalled, people rolled that money into new sites. Traffic Monsoon followed with a smart marketing plan and showed great success. Now it seems like 5 or 6 new ones are popping up each week.

Personally, I ignored the hype and just kept plugging away, until Millionaire X founder James Valentine partnered with Janus Nowak. I perked up and took notice. Here is why, James asked for some founding partners 3 years ago in his personal motivation matrix sites and I invested $500 for a 1 percent share, for 10 years. James has been paying me ever since. I originally joined his first program through my good friend Graham Twist, the owner of Grahamsway.

Graham and I have done business in various programs over the years and he is one of the best most honest business people I have ever known. Please take the time to check out his site. We have partnered using each others expertise and have come up with a way to start making money starting with nothing.

The programs listed on Grahamsway are free or low cost to join and start making money right now. Of course, like anything, if you upgrade or invest you are going to make money sooner and faster. Graham is an awesome source of knowledge and if you join him and seek out his expertise he will give it willingly. You will not be disappointed.

I have purchased advertising in MXRevShare when it opened on November 1st. It has been two months and I have already earned enough Millionaire Bucks to upgrade in MX20 and MX40 with no out of pocket expense. You can do the same with an advertising purchase of as little as $5.  

As with any program like Rev Share's, you most do your due diligence. There are scammers out there who can make a site look really slick. Be very careful and make sure any site you join is going to stick around. link removed and MXRevShare. I am watching several others and have added AdsPayPro to my own site. If you are interested in joining us then check out  Cash Wealth Creation Team for any of the links to the above programs.

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