Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bitcoin and ethereum

I have quietly been making money using two programs and have not shared it until now. Both of these programs have paid me five figures since January. I now, I am sorry I have kept it to myself, but I felt it was risky.  I started with $50 in both and my profit is over 100 percent.

If you have some spare money or want make it, I recommend you open a Coinbase account, deposit money there then invest in these two mining companies. They are legit and have paid, one daily and the other every 5 days.

Genesis Mining
Genesis Mining for Bitcoi, Ethereum, and several others

Pure Ethereum mining


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  6. Yes, you’re right. It is risky, which is why it took me a while and a whole lot of convincing before I decided to start investing on crypto online. I also got myself an express Vpn account just to make sure my online identity remains anonymous. Coinbase seems to be a legit company, and I will surely check it out. But do you have any other recommendations just in case this won’t work for me? Thanks!

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