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William Buckley

Friday, January 24, 2014

The What, When, Where and HOW you need to know about PROMOTION to make consistent sales!

By Sandi Hunter
You've been listening to George Kosch's home business training telling you that to make MONEY you need to PROMOTE!

But let's make sure you understand and know where to access the resources you need so you can start DOING this today!

How to promote.

Use the Landing pages (AD EXAMPLES) included in your Worldprofit Member area. On LEFT menu slect ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC the click on AD EXAMPLES. Watch the brief video by George Kosch so you understand and don`t make mistakes and waste time. You can even add a picture of yourself to the landing pages if you like.

Also in your Worldprofit Member area in the same section, look in the mini-menu and click on LIST BUILDER PAGES. These are special landing pages that also help you build your email makreting list by giving away free stuff. You can use these landing pages to help build EXTERNAL LISTS such as those at Aweber, Get Reponse or Mail Chimp. George Kosch has recorded a video to help you understand so you don`t make mistakes. PLEASE watch the video.

What to promote.

Your Worldprofit member area is packed to the rafters with excellent products and services you can sell, and freebies you can offer to entice leads and close sales.  Below are just SOME of the areas in your Member area to find the products, services you can sell and stuff you can offer at no cost to entice interest.


LEFT menu CLICKBANK Store, select CLICKBANK Promo Kit, and Banner Promo Kit

WHY promote.

To make money online you must generate a steady supply of leads while buiilding your email marketing list. At Worldprofit your leads are called ASSOCIATES. These are people who sign up on your LANDING PAGES to be a free Associate member. When they do so you then have a lead! If you use the LIST Builder pages mentioned above you also give people the option to join your list!  Associates you sign up get automatically added to your Prospect Manager in your member area for easy follow up.  Leads are what you need to make sales!  Building your email marketing lists mean you have a constant source of people to promote to and sell products to!

When to promote.

Promote as often as you can, whenever you can,  but don't skip a dose! No promotion means NO SALES. Let that be your guide for how often and when to promote. When you are hungry you eat.  When you need to make money, you PROMOTE! 

Where to promote.

Free and low cost ADVERTISING OPTIONS!

LEFT MENU, select SOLO-BLASTER to 30,000


LEFT MENU, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on 20+ Income Streams


LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on SOLO ADS to 81,000

LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on BANNER PROMO KIT

LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on GREAT AD SOURCES

LEFT menu, select WORLDPROFIT MARKETPLACE then click on ADD/EDIT your website

TOP menu, select PROMO-BOTS. Watch the video to understand how to benefit from this automated tool for promotion.

Left menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on FAST TRACK to join our own ad co-op.
There are even more resources in the Advertising/Traffic section so your time is well spent investigating on your own.


Other helpful stuff to help you with your PROMOTION.

Magic List Builder - this is POWERFUL! TOP MENU, select MAGIC LIST BUILDER. Watch the video to see how to use this to get leads and build your email marketing lists

Knowing if your advertising efforts are working is CRITICAL! So track your ads and clicks with Worldprofit's AD TRACKER. Left menu, under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select AD TRACKER (it's free).

If you want an even more sophisticated way of tracking your ads, on LEFT MENU, under MONEY MAKERS section, select ADVANCED LINK TRACKER for a paid option of tracking your ads.
Easily organize all your promotion using Worldprofit's Lead Funnel, Link Manager and Promo Organizer.

All 3 tools can be found under LEFT MENU under MONEY MAKERS then look for the names on the sub-menu.


Additional Tools for the more advanced marketers

Worldprofit's Landing Page Builder - LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select LANDING PAGE BUILDER

Squeeze page builder - LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select SQUEEZE PAGE BUILDER Worldprofit's

Lazy Blogger System - LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then click on Lazy Blogger System.

Ebooks are great lead generators. Use Worldprofit's Ebook creator (it's free). On LEFT MENU, under MONEY MAKERS section, select Article Ebook Creator and also Ebook Rebrander.   There you will also find content for your ebooks, and easy to use ebook cover creators and more.

Ok we are going to stop there as we think we've given you enough to keep you busy.


Final words.

Don't get caught up in the details, just DO IT. Promote that is. Don't expect to learn it all in one day, or get instant results.

If you get stuck submit a support request form and ask for help. We are here 7 days a week to help you. No other company provides you the number of tools we do, the variety of nique resources, the in depth training and the level of support as Worldprofit does. Take advantage of us and what your Worldprofit membership includes.

Try to attend the weekly interactive LIVE home business bootcamp training with George Kosch (or watch the recording). We offer this training for you!  We know how to do this stuff, so the purpose of the training is to provide demonstrations and answer your questions as we teach YOU how to build your own successful online business.  Make a commitment to yourself to learn and create a stronger financial future for yourself and your family. That starts with following the training, doing your promotions and giving yourself time to see results.

About Sandi Hunter and Worldprofit.

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit and oversees all training and customer support departments.

Looking for way to earn at home? Worldprofit's training program provides  you with services and products you can sell to earn 20 - 100% commission along with traffic, leads, advertising, software, training and support 365 days a year. Sign up for a free Associate membership with no obligation to see for yourself how Worldprofit can help you learn how to earn at home.   This is not a simple coaching program we are a complete, intensive training and hands-on support company now in our 20th year of business.

 Republished with author's permission by William Buckley

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Umbuntu, 'We are growing/Growing higher and higher.' Thoughts on leadership as inspired by the life and choices of Nelson Mandela, 'Hear the children, hear thechildren/They are talking to you.'
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

 Author's program note. She was discovered whilst cleaning other people's houses.  Even there she had "it". Her employers were so impressed that they taped her  singing and sent the tape to a recording company. One thing lead to another and  the woman soon to be known as "Lady Africa" was "discovered" by Alan  Paton,  who gave her a part as a chorus singer.That was in1964.

 The poison called Apartheid was in full effect. But Lady Africa had that which  would not be denied. Call it talent, call it fate, call it the right sound, call it destiny,  call it luck. Soon she was singing to South Africa while showing the world that the  spirit of the nation still lived, despite everything that could be done to suppress it.

 Her name was Margaret Singana (1938-2000), and she sang her way into  eternity with a number you need to hear to get full value from this article.  It is "We Are Growing". Despite the fact that she suffered from the consequences  of a 1980 stroke, she soared in this1986 comeback which became the theme  song for the television series "Shaka Zulu". Go hear it now in any search engine.  It is the heartbeat of a great people, a people that Nelson Mandela helped make  greater still. Know them... learn from them... fly with them... "Ayoyo, oh, oyo/  Bayete, Inkosi".

 "Be a man of greatness now... Be a man of wisdom now... Be a man of kindness now/  This is what you are/This is what to be." Let us begin...

 This is an article that will be read by adults... but more importantly that must be read  to children... because they need to know and understand that they are the most important  people in all our lives, and we all have the responsibility to ease their often frustrating  and difficult ways to the farthest extent possible.

 Study leaders. Learn leadership from those who lead. Scrutinize! Understand! Emulate!

 In his autobiography, Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) wrote of how he learned the crucial  elements of leadership, large and small, by watching the ruler of the AbaThembu. He  was the greatest figure in young Mandela's life... and thus a person worthy of the study.

 This person of consequence obviously understood the critical importance of instructing  the young. Mandela wrote, "I always remember the regent's axiom. A leader, he said, is  like a shepherd, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon others follow, not  realizing that all along they are being directed from behind."

 Now. Not later.

 When was the last time you took child in hand, be that a gleeful five-year-old or surly,  truculent teen-ager and opened a candid discussion on leadership? In your answer  is how much you want that young person to succeed. My father, for instance, Donald  Marshall Lant, now very near the conclusion of 9 decades, had at his instant disposal  a person whose story he insisted his children know and follow.That person was  General George S. Patton (1885-1945).

 "Find the man in the furthest trench... Find the muddiest soldier there... Find the man  leading from this trench... and you will have found General Patton." We learned he was  a man of decisive action... a man who lead from the front... a man who followed Teddy Roosevelt's famous formula for success, "Do the best you can... with what you've got...  where you are."

 "You wanted to follow such a  man... for he was doing what needed to be done.  Helping such a one is a privilege, no matter how onerous, difficult, or exacting the  task..." As for me, Father, I remember, I  remember. Some  lessons abide,  appreciation for them never ending. This was such a lesson.     Select Your Leader.

 Luckily, Mandela had his leader close at hand, but not all of us are so fortunate to  have an amiable monarch of pedagogical inclinations near. Thus, select a leader to  befriend. Here's how to do it...

 Start by drawing up a list of local leaders, people you know, know of, clergy, educators,  writers, politicians, military officers, civic worthies, union and business leaders. These  people, some of whom may live and work in your neighborhood, are more accessible than  say, Pope Francis, although you should not neglect His Holiness. He clearly has a most  congenial way with young people.

 Write (note I did not say type) a letter that mingles unabashed admiration with a plea for  their understanding and assistance. Such a letter is a minor art form and goes something  like this. (I need hardly say that properly presented, such a missive is irresistible):

 "Honored one, I present myself to you for an honorable purpose... to learn from you  and become in the process a better person. Will you allow me to know and study you?  I am just 15 years old and am at what my parents call an impressionable age. It would be  a matter of the utmost significance if you would allow me to be impressed by you and  so have your important deeds and actions chronicled by me."

 Like I said, properly presented, such a missive is irresistible.

 Include your biographical details. You may use a resume, though this is not an  (immediate) job application. Your most winsome and arresting photo should be  included; (be sure it isn't the classic of you on a white bear skin rug in the altogether.)  That may be misconstrued. Add a recommendation or two from an adult, preferably  a teacher, pastor, or other eminent personage who knows you and realizes that all  future leaders begin here, needing a bit of help to commence their thousand mile  journey.

 Steps to building a leader. Now you are ready to begin.

 1) Deliver your request in person whenever possible. If not send by a carrier that requires  a signature.

 2) Always include your phone number and e-mail address. Include your social network  page.

 3) If you have not received a response within two weeks, send an e-mail or telephone  your designated leader. These folks are busy; help them out by following up.

 4) Be prepared to speak to your chosen leader. Brainstorm what you will say and  WRITE IT DOWN.

 5) Schedule a convenient time to meet with your leader for that all-important first  encounter. Remember, you never get a second chance to make the best first impression.

 6)  Before the meeting get a scrap-book and collect everything you can about this  person. A scrap-book is essential for this project and must be kept up-to-date, especially  for this crucial first time.

 7) Make sure at least one parent or adult accompanies you to this meeting and testifies  to your seriousness of intent and good habits. Be sure to look the part of the young  leader for this and all future meetings. Slovenly look and demeanor are completely  unacceptable. Too, make sure your cell-phone does NOT ring during the meeting; this  is a must.

 "Hear the children, hear the children/ They are talking to you."

 Whether you've ever considered the matter or not, you must know that every child,  of whatever age wants not just to be liked but far more important to be respected and  admired, in the classroom, on the playing field, within any given organization or the  broader community, or even worldwide. Your help is crucial in achieving this critical  role. Are you doing the necessary?

 1) Set the objective, ensuring that each child has a leadership goal.

 2) Help the child, which means assisting and advising, not doing the work needed.  If you do that you've defeated the entire purpose.

 3) Ask for regular reports and follow-up. Do not assume there is progress. Know.

 4) Praise whenever possible, critique softly but always honestly. This is essential.

 5) If the necessary communication between young person and designated leader  breaks down, intervene and with deft handling put the matter back on track.

 Finally, when the project is well advanced, arrange with your leader a meeting to  share the scrapbook with all its valuable insights into the important matter of leadership.  Be sure a photographer is present to record this auspicious moment for an awaiting  posterity. Send it to your local newspaper; post it online in social networks with  appropriate caption.

 If you've followed the steps in this article, you may be sure the leader's incandescent  smile is real, not assumed. Then ask her for a recommendation... for,  remember,  leaders leverage each and every action to achieve still greater renown.

 Then sit-down and congratulate yourself for you have given your child the necessary leg  up. You've done, in short, what good parents do... and you have every reason to feel  pleased with yourself, not least because you exemplify the crucial concept of "umbuntu",  that is "you are open and available to others, affirming of others...  with a proper  self-assurance."

 "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu"... we rise not alone, but through other people." And  this is the most important leadership lesson of all.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for  small and-home based businesses.

Republished with author's permission by William Buckley

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Let's give them something to talk about/ a little mystery to figure out.' Worldprofit's Salesperson of the year 2013. Linda Elze. More on top than ever... 'Now that we know it, let's really show it, Darlin'.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

 Author's program note. The lady was persistent, a total pest, never say die, always  right there wherever I was. She was. And maybe that's the real reason I'm writing  this article today; an article of congratulation, for she's a jolly good fellow, and  hip hip hurrah. You see, I've been in this exact situation before with  her... not just once or twice, either... let's just say oodles and leave it at that.

 And to think she once pulled that woman-in-tears thing on me, begging me to let  her go and forbid her from every going on the screen again... that territory she  was soon to make all her own, the envy of every man and woman whose smile  was not incandescent and who didn't know a million ways to get the prospect off  the dime, another sale, sir; another victory lap and for good measure a happy  dance or two.

 I was brutal, more James Cagney than James Dean. And those tears made me  angry, livid, Rhett Butler the night he carried Scarlett up the grand staircase to  nirvana... I mean, she wanted to work with me, she said; she wanted to touch the  lives of countless millions and improve those lives, she said. She wanted to help  little old men across the street and win Girl Scout merit badges for her skill at  summer camp leatherwork and beads.

 Thus, I let her do what she insisted she wanted... now she was sobbing telling me  she wasn't up to the job and wanted out... sheesh... what next!  The "what next?"  steps went something like this.... Get up, stop crying, get a grip, child, and for the  next 7 days be me... a super duper me composed of all your good traits and all  of mine. Fly high, don't snivel, and don't lay that "poor lil' me" routine on me.

 She hated me at that moment. Was seething inside. Make-up running down  her livid cheeks. She wanted to spit in my face; she wanted to say the things  that make sailors blush; wanted to tell me I was an effete, spoiled brat whose  future lay in the cooking pot of a discerning cannibal with a taste for preppies en  brochette. She wanted to say that... and a whole lot  more.

 And she would have, too, given world enough and time. But I didn't have the  time or inclination to stand by and listen to more of her malarkey. Curt, sharp,  abrupt, I spat out the only question that mattered at that moment of High Destiny --  for both of us.

 It was take-it-or-leave it, spit in the palm of your hand and shake, a gentlemen's  agreement between two angry people who were not at that moment gentlemen,  either of them, not even remotely close.

 And so the greatest and longest-running war on Spaceship Earth -- the war of  the sexes -- started a new chapter. She vowed she'd show me... show me she  was no quitter; show me she was good, kind, giving, the soul of charity and here's  your chicken soup, honey; it'll do you a world of good. Oh, yeah, she'd show me all  right... after all nobody, absolutely nobody needed a good taking down more than I  did, blah, blah, blah. God, I love my job and every fast-moving spat and altercation....  especially since I was in a no-lose position. If she failed, she'd disappear into the  hapless hordes of the also-rans; if she didn't.... oh, mama!

 And so the "I'll show you" game began, both battle-scarred veterans; both with a  taste for blood... for sweet victory.... and a  penchant for the coolest dance music  and gyrating limbs worth the look and prolonged, eat-your-heart-out attention.  Thus, I give you "Something To Talk  About",  Bonnie  Raitt's 1991 mega-hit.  Oh, yeah, she'd show me all right and give everyone on terra firma something  to talk about. Go now to any search engine and seize the music that seizes you  and puts energetic bounce in your step, every step.

 So armed, so ready, fueled by irritation, exasperation and an acute grudge  against the ever suave and charming CEO, me, the lady went forth to battle...  and history. She was pint-sized but her determination, honed by the challenge  I threw down, was not. She was Killer Kowalski in bunny slippers, her hair roots  perfectly matched, her vitamin of choice the very best chocolates money could buy.  And so, armed by Saint Christopher, she commenced the epic journey of her  life, a journey she knew she couldn't lose... absolutely had to win...

 The thousand mile journey begins with a single step... and she took it. This is  what she did.

 Item: She made making daily, even hourly, sales her objective. She didn't just  go forth to conquer. She went forth with a specific objective her clear and  considered goal.

 Item: She was a constant and faithful participant in Worldprofit's celebrated  bootcamp program. Invented, delivered and perfected by master technician  George Kosch, co-founder of the enterprise, she came early, listened carefully,  questioned assiduously, and advanced inexorably. She made it a point of honor  not merely to listen to George but to study him and his resourceful, timely, and  proven results.

 She wanted to be his best pupil, his most successful and profitable pupil, and in  due course she was, with the bank deposit slips to prove it. Others might claim they  did as much... but the lady acted, her mastery of the necessary steps confirmed in  cold, hard cash.

 Item: George Kosch told her the list is the business, the business is the list.  George Kosch told her the money's in the list. And so she followed his lucid,  clear, sensible, proven steps EVERY SINGLE DAY. She might have skipped  a day... or two... or whole weeks. Others did and freely justified their poor  habits by any number of glib excuses. But this lady NEVER DID. This was her  mantra:

 I promote when I feel like it. I promote when I don't.  I promote on days my beloved granddaughter visits. I promote when she doesn't.  I promote when it's sunny. I promote when it isn't.  I promote! Promote! Promote in an entirely excuse-free zone!

 It took commitment, dedication, grit and determination.

 And it took heart... and this she brought to the table in joyous excess. See for  yourself...

 Where others could not be bothered to talk to the members of their organizations,  the lady called each and every one of them. She didn't tell me this. She didn't have  to. I saw it happening and saw how she turned the nervous, the clueless, the  uncertain and feckless into real business people, people who now made money  and improved their lives because she sought them out, soothed them, and invested  herself in them with the happiest of results.

 She was patient, she was unrelenting, she was efficient, she was omnipresent  always taking them by the hand, giving even to those whose habits were appalling  and ability to follow directions non-existent. She gave. The lady gave. Then she  gave some more, never mind she was tired, fatigued and exhausted. She was the  embodiment of commitment and where she gave her word and hand she gave her  heart. And it is this that raised her from the merely accomplished, proficient and  successful to the enduring rank of champion... for in this she is without challenger,  without peer, without equal, not merely primus inter pares but primus overall, for this  is the magic of heart. It takes the merely good and accomplished, the solely  excellent and proficient and turns them into champions, the best of who we are  as humans, the best of who we can be.

 Thus today I give you Worldprofit's Salesperson of the Year for 2013....

 Linda Elze, the lady once determined to show me... the lady who long ago  showed the world not only how to win but how to ensure that everyone touched by  her magic can win, too. This is why we honor her today...  and  why she is a  model for us everyday, the lady who always gives us something to talk about,  something to emulate... something to strive for... and always with love.

About the Author
Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses including website hosting, software, traffic tools, online home business training and support. Find out why over the last 20 years Worldprofit has grown to be the popular choice for web-based home business training. Get a free Worldprofit Associate Membership and join our worldwide home business community. Republished with author's permission by William Buckley

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh me, oh my! My writer's well has sure run dry. Now what? Suggestions for outsmarting writer's block.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author's program note. Sooner or later EVERY writer will face the ordeal of the blank page and come up with -- nothing! At such a moment, you may well fall victim to malaise, running the spectrum from anxious to suicidal. The longer the seizure lasts, the worst these reactions will be, until one completely miserable day you reckon you can never write another word again... and this can bring on not only sadness but a kind of death from which, like the real thing, there is no escape.

To help you through this situation when it inevitably occurs, I am going to pack this article with one practical suggestion after another. You may not need them now; may not need them for a decade. But keep this article readily at hand for when you do.

First suggestion. Use a special song to raise your mood and get you moving.

Have a song easily available that makes you want to surge. I have a list of favorites, all selected for their proven ability to lift my spirits and put me in the mood to give something to humanity, something like the project I'm currently writing. "Maniac" from the 2001 film "Flashdance" featuring Michael Sembello always works. I indulge myself, acting kid crazy as everything conduces to get you.... your brain.... and your prose flowing again. You'll find this song in any search engine... turn it on, let yourself go, until you feel the unstoppable energy that this kind of insistent music delivers.

Second suggestion. The minute you get nervous, frustrated, flustered, hot under the collar, STOP and STOP at once.

The worst thing you can do is force yourself to write. Not only will the quality of what you're writing be tainted, but you'll hurt yourself and begin to think the writing game is not worth the candle, the worst possible conclusion.

This particular advice can be very difficult to follow. After all, you've been productive before and aim to be productive again just as soon as possible. Surely, if you force yourself to write you can push the blockage to one side and flow, right? Instead, sit down at your writing desk, write as much as you can that flows naturally. Stop when the flow ceases...

... even if you've only managed to write a single word. Pushing yourself during a block never works positively and can easily affect your self-esteem and self-confidence when the push doesn't work.

Third Suggestion. Keep your regular writing hours, even if you cannot write your name on the page just now.

Good habits are the key to good, constant, always flowing writing. Thus, it is important during draught days to do the precise things you did during the fat days. What you produce may not be substantial -- yet. But even if you find yourself in the position of Oscar Wilde ("in the morning I put in a comma; in the afternoon I took it out again.") that won't matter. Why? Because the most productive writers are like Pavlov's dogs... trained to write whilst in your sanctified writer's place.

Fourth Suggestion. Still stalled? Do this!

First of all, notice I use the word "stalled" to describe your current unproductive situation. It is a word that implies you were moving and the problem being solved you will regain your accustomed outcome... and peace of mind.

Thus, when stalled do this... Take a walk around the park (if you're lucky enough like me to have one right out the front door, so much the better). Find yourself a shaded bench where the view is congenial. Take out the pad and paper every writer must always carry; select an object and -- describe it, fully, completely, without leaving anything out of your description... writing not only factually but with as much lyric beauty as you can draw from the "dry" well at the moment.

The simple task of describing the flower bed at your feet starts the productive juices flowing... even if you're able, just now, to write only a single word (tree) with just one adjective (green). The thousand mile journey starts with the single step; yours starts with a single word... and any word will do.

Fifth Suggestion. Copy a page of another's prose... to get you moving.

Nothing happening so far to get your stalled skills working productively again? No worries! Take a passage from a favorite book or article, open a file and enter this text. As you do, engaging brain and nimble fingers, you're performing a function all prose writers regularly do, in my case almost daily, that is entering reference material.

When you've finished so entering a block of text, go on and comment on what you've entered. What was good about the passage entered, what was bad, what inspired, what underwhelmed? In just a minute or two, you're writing... perhaps not yet up to your usual level. But what of that? Your creative faculties are working; your imagination is working, your fingers are working... and soon the flow of new ideas, new insights, new observations and new perceptions will be working, perhaps even better than before.

Sixth Suggestion. Read from your own prose.

Far too many writers fail to read their prose aloud. This is bad for several reasons, including to make sure all sentences are balanced, harmonious, with every word the right word. Merely reading your prose cannot deliver the optimum result; reading aloud can.

Thus, pick up the first page of anything you've written, not necessarily lately either. When you've finished reciting this page, sit down at your computer and write a second page to accompany what you've already written and read. Again, by positively positioning yourself and doing your usual tasks, you ease back into your stride and the production and presentation of the right words in the right order.

And if none of this works?

Seventh Suggestion. Close, relax, start again tomorrow.

With the best will in the world and the diligent adherence to these recommendations, your block may not end in a day, a week or even a month. Thus must you continue to implement these suggestions even when they may not be immediately helpful.

Therefore, begin each writing day as you always have, at your usual time, and with your usual matutinal rites. Do not skip a single one. Similarly eat at the usual times; run your usual errands in the usual way. And above all, close your shop at the usual time with the usual activities, such as preparing reference materials for next day usage. Never stay up late forcing yourself every step of the way; that may well have been a contributing factor to the blockage in the first place.

Guaranteed results.

Follow these steps, and I guarantee your days of obstacles, impediments, blocks and absolutely no progress will be history soon enough. Moreover, because you have experienced what is often a terrifying situation, you are better prepared to see it coming and take immediate action to overcome it. Once you do, dance the "Maniac" gyrations for yourself. They'll put you in just the right frame of mind to produce that Niagara of high energy language, the kind your readers are thrilled you never stop writing and always produce so predictably and so well.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today.

Republished with author's permission by William Buckley Check out Detox My PC ->