Sunday, December 27, 2015

Traffic Exchange Promo Codes for Free

If you’re a Traffic Exchange Surfer and/or Safelist and Mailer user, then you’ll definitely want to read on.

To start with there are a couple of sites I have been exploring that give you free stuff using promo codes you can use to advertise your programs.

Check these out asap, Traffic Codex, Free TE Credits, and Truck Loads of Ads. Traffic exchange promo codes are smart ways to save you money and get people to look at your advertising. Every smart marketer knows that they need lots potential customers viewing their websites to be successful.

Traffic Codex is a Free To Join Traffic Exchange Directory filled with TONS of Free Promo Codes just waiting to be redeemed by you for free advertising!

Then there is Free TE Credits, a wonderful free to join program with a unique ranking system, as well as lots of tools, e-books, resources and so much more!

Eric Goettman also owns this site PTC Professor which I am exploring.

The last program I found is Truckload Of Ads, where for a small one time fee of just ten bucks gets you lifetime access to a huge amount of Exclusive Free Traffic Exchange Promo Codes for your favorite Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

As you will find out these programs offer you a lot of perks for free or for a small fee you can upgrade and get more tools and opportunities to earn commissions.

  I hope you enjoyed this and as an added incentive, if you join any of the above programs with me, send me a quick note I will give you 5,000 credits at Instant Traffic List, if you join all three I will give you 10,000, and if you upgrade in any of the three, you tell me what you want.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

MXRevShare and BuildABiz work for me.

I have been working online for a  few years. I have watched the Rev Share programs grow and they remind me of the Auto Surf programs a few years ago. I made some decent money with Auto Surfs when I first started, but watched as they were closed down by the powers that be.

I tried to stay away from the Rev Share programs until a company I invested $500 in a few years ago, and has been paying me monthly dividends since, decided to get involved. Here is the rub, MxRevShare is a fair rev share program that has a twist that really intrigued me. When you earn your daily rev share, 25 percent is donated to your millionaire account, which you use to upgrade in the MillionaireX programs. How could I refuse? Here is my disclosure, if people upgrade in the MillioaireX programs I get 1% of the profit.

It is in my best interest to support a program that helps others and myself succeed. The MillionaireX programs were founded by James Valentine, whom I have corresponded with, he is a positive motivational speaker who has written books and done seminars. His MillionaireX programs revolve around these inspirational products. He is an honets and hard working business owner and I support his cause.

Now of course I own several websites that are active and growing and want to support them. I discussed this with my good friend Graham Twist, who actually introduced MillionaireX to me 3 years ago. At that time we went in a different direction and have come full circle. He has included programs he feels will help you make money quickly in his personal site. Again full disclosure, I joined him in TrafficMonsoon and he joined me in MxRevShare.

 To make my life easier I decided to use buildABiz to promote my programs. This is a win-win, BuildABiz allows me or you to advertise any business, especially if you upgrade for a measly $5 a month.

To your Profits,

Will Buckley

PS. Get Tons of Free traffic at

MXRevShare Introduction

Friday, October 23, 2015

10 Habits of Highly Successful Online Marketers

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By George Kosch
1. Successful online marketers know that marketing must be done as consistently as possible. Marketing and promotion must be scheduled, frequent and without fail.
2. Successful online marketers know that the money is in the list and thus list building strategies MUST be integrated into all marketing campaigns.
3. Successful online marketers know that landing pages, also called squeeze pages are what will generate leads NOT a static website.
4. Successful online marketers know that you must continually seek out NEW advertising sources. Don't stop when you find a few good sources, keep looking for new sources to expand your marketing reach.
5. Successful online marketers know that paid ads produce the best results IF the source is trusted and proven, but a combination of free and paid ads is still smart marketing.
6. Successful online marketers know that ad swaps are both cost effective and a clever way to reach your target markets.
7. Successful online marketers know that having access to a number of quality products, services, affiliates or referral programs produce multiple streams of income is the key to generating online income.
8. Successful online marketers know that you need a reliable way to track your ads so you know exactly where you are getting results for your efforts and advertising dollars.
9. Successful online marketers know that one cannot know it all, and investing in proven-effective reputable training programs for access to software, list building techniques, and mentoring can save a lot of time, money and frustration.
10. Successful online marketers know that it takes time to build a successful online business.
George Kosch is the Home Business Bootcamp Instructor at Worldprofit Inc., a web-based company providing training for people who want to learn how to earn at home using the power of the Internet. This summer Worldprofit celebrates its 19th birthday! Get a free Associate Membership and join over one million Worldprofit Members around the world benefiting from the home business resources, training, software, marketing assistance, traffic generation and mentoring program.
Republished with author's permission by Will Buckley

Monday, August 3, 2015

Organic Profits

I decided to post a blog about this because I am seeing a pattern that is developing and people are getting scammed.

If you look at the last year there has been a program recycled every three to four months. Twice Confirmed Traffic, Pennies 4 Profit, USA Leads Club, and now Organic Profits to name a few.

Sadly, most people part with $60 dollars before they are aware of the problem. Just for fun and because of what I read here.   I signed up for Organic Profits and paid the fee. I then went to Warrior Forum and posted a warning about their product and how it did not work for me. And as stated in the scam warning above about USA Leads Club, Organic Profits said there was a problem with my payment, refunded my money and closed my account.

I am not going to get long winded here, just stay away from any program promising leads and being promoted like crazy on the safelists. Always look for legit programs that have been around for awhile.

Update: Boost My Online Biz is another one to add to this list. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

World Team Builder Quick Assessment.


Building a team prior to joining a network marketing company makes perfect sense in principle. I have seen it done in the past and it worked for me then. 
FREE to join and they give you tools to promote WTB. 
You have access to your downline information and your potential income. 


Not being told the name of the network marketing opportunity that you are building a team for can be disappointing when it is introduced. Some people may already be a member of their chosen program.
They decide what program everyone will join, which gives them a lot of leverage and income potential.
Limited information about the people/company behind World Team Builder. I did a search and found very little to verify who they are and what they do. This makes me uneasy because the people behind it could be unsavory. 
In principle I like the concept behind what these guys are doing; In fact, I had this same concept when I put together Theirs is much more professional then mine. Helping people build a team before joining a network marketing opportunity works to eliminate early dropout rates. 
I am leary of not knowing who is behind the website, but it is free. 
Withholding the name of the opportunity that you are ultimately building a team for is a bit scary, but it works. I have seen it work in the past. 
When all is said and done, this is a FREE team building opportunity that is well worth taking a look at especially as it has just launched. 


More information. These guys spent a lot of money to develop this site and once the program was introduced you can see why. It was a very high investment to join their program. One I would not recommend.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I will pay you $1500 if you can find a program better than Worldprofit.

I will even join your program and promote it to the ends of earth if you can prove it is better than Worldprofit.

All I ask is that you actually join, upgrade as a Silver member and compare Worldprofit to your program. If you check off at least ten things that are better in your program then Worldprofit then I will join your program check your list, doing the same comparison and if you are correct, I will pay for your Worldprofit membership for one year.

I believe so strongly in Worldprofit, I have decided to put myself out there. I will put my money where my mouth is. Are you willing to take the challange?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sometimes it is the seed you plant last year.

I promote Worldprofit as much as I am able. It is the only program that works for me in recruiting and actually paying me. More than that is the fact it is a family. I believe you have to invest money to make money. I committed for the long haul and upgraded for five years. I admin I have a short attention span and have a tendency to jump from one program to the next. When I joined WP I had an upgrade the next day. I was hooked. I love, love all of the tools in the Silver back office. When I need to get something done, I go there first to see if it is already there and it is.

I have used it to promote any of the other distracting business like the one below. But, I always come back.

4 Corners Alliance group is a great feeder program and works well on it's own, but it is not Worldprofit.

The reason for this post is I just had an upgrade at Worldprofit. I went back and tracked the member who just upgraded and see he joined August 8th, 2014. What if I had quit WP after 3 months? That is the usual lifespan of most online internet marketers who join MLM's etc.

If there is any advice I can give someone looking at this. It is first, pick something and put blinders on. Pay for it, everything costs money. Most hide behind OTO's and upgrades etc. Lastly, you have to promote either time or money. Either invest and let someone else promote for you or take the time to learn how to get traffic to your site.

In the end, I would love for you to use Worldprofit to learn how and where to market online, but whatever you choose to do, go in full blast and do not jump from one program to the next. I can guarantee you will see WP often and all over the net. Just do it. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Safelist Genie review and some other ranting, promoting, and harping.

When I joined Worldprofit one of the first things they advocate is to promote, promote, promote. One of the primary tools they advocate for promoting is Safelists. By the way, I learned and am still learning a ton of stuff from my WP family. 

At first you have to understand that safelists are a form of email marketing, where advertisers or members agree to receive each other's messages. In exchange, the member earns credits to use to send their message to other members. These safelists use different types of incentives to include paying or earning credits.

As you become more experienced and join more and more Safelists this becomes quite cumbersome. Personally, I have found it to be valuable and very effective in marketing most programs (more on this in a later post). So much so that I have acquired a couple for my own use like GetCashAds.  One of the features for an owner is they can use it to advertise or email the whole membership base. Safelists are a great tool because most people join them to advertise their business, so they are very easy to recruit to as Debbie says at Simple Safelist. If you click the link here you will see three programs being advertised at once, so cool, again I will talk about this in a later post. 

Back to the reason for this post. I have now joined hundreds of safelists and it is hard to manage them in a timely manner. I tried an excel spreadsheet and different downline builders with some success. One of the recommended programs was Safelist Genie. SLgenie is a stand alone software, meaing it is downloaded to your computer then setup to streamline your email folder and safelists. 

SLGenie does not do the manual labor for you. It does not click on any links and if you don't upgrade at the safelist you have to earn credits just like everyone else. 

I joined and upgraded just to prove a point by giving an honest and "educated" review.

I am glad I did, but, I had a hell of a time setting up my email. If I were one of those 20 year olds I would have just youtubed it and been done with it. Here is a great video that proves this point. 

If I had watched the video above, I would not have wasted an hour. There are a lot of features to this site that require time to setup. It required me to spend 2 to 3 hours for a week joining or finding my login information for each of the safelists. Another hour or so setting up my email advertsing and banners.


Once I was up and running it really made a difference. I can send out 100 safelist mailings in an hour where I was doing about 25 an hour individually. Also, when I read emails if I come to one I do not have enough credits for I open the email search for the safelist and start clicking. The messages opens in the browser behind SLgenie and I go read them click on the icon if there is one and collect my credits much faster. 

Safelist Genie does not do the work for you. You still have to signup with the safelists. You still have to enter your advertising in SLGenie. You still have to read the emails and click to earn credit. 

What it does do is put it all in one place. If I need to signup for a safelist my signup information is automatically filled in, send an email, I just pick the template and it auto fills it in, selects the credits you have and you just push the button. It also fills in the downline builders at each site, allows you to add banners directly. 

Download the software for a 14 day free trial. Upgrade if you can, set it up, join all the programs from inside SLGenie (your sponsor gets the credit) and start promoting. You will find it is easier and the clicks to your program keep coming days after you do the marketing. Also, I recommend you upgrade in as many of the sites as you can. It helps streamline your advertising even more because you get more credits and can send your ads to more people. 

Lastly, I really strongly recommend you go to Simple Safelist and read her eBook on "The Plan" it is so brilliant and simple I wish I had thought of it. After reading it you will better understand why you should promote programs like safelists.  Just click here to go directly to her site.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Build A Biz Online, Allows You to Stand Out from the Rest

I've come across this program that looks like it could be a fantastic way to Promote Our Existing Business Online.

Did you notice... Near the top of that page highlighted in RED is a button labelled (My Programs) it leads to my personal Programs Page, a page I set up very easily, within my members Area.

Go back and CLICK it, you'll see the List of programs I am promoting. As a PRO member I can add up to 20 programs.

Now just consider this for a moment... Only MY Ads are displayed on that page, NOT one Advert from the owner or other members for that matter and that goes for all of my Buildabizonline external pages. I think it's Fantastic, it also means using this one page...

"We're Only Advertising OUR Business NOT Someone Else's".

 Now this may shock you.. that is just ONE Tool. you should see the REST, they have Email trackers to Splash page and Banner builders and even a FREE Auto-Responder program for us pro members.

 Plus, I think this is a good idea...

you know how the big guys are always saying Brand Yourself, well we have that option open to us also.

Another thing the big guys are always telling us is "Build your list"

Well that can be done with this program too.

All your down line is listed for you AND you can mail them from your members Area... Fantastic.

One more thing before you go, I need to tell you this... when a FREE member signs up a PRO member, they would receive $.75 a month, while that PRO remained upgraded.

 But get this, if your a PRO member member and you recruit another a PRO member it would make you $2.00 a month so long as both stayed a PRO that is.

I would love you to get back to me and let me know what you think, here's my Affiliate link again

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Total Takeover..... Scam?

I have been online for a long time. For many years I have treated this as a hobby. I have made money and I have spent money. This blog used to be filled to overflowing, but things happen and life gets in the way. I wish I could go back and look at my archives though. I remember a program that was very much like TotalTakeover. 

It is too early to say whether it is legit or not.... But, if history repeats itself then this pay plan has never worked before.  I did some due diligence and the forums are exploding with traffic about this being a scam. Here is one article that explains why and how it will not work BehindMLM.

I would love to tell you this is a great program and you will make a ton of money with it. But, as someone who has already seen a lot of stuff online I don't hold out a lot of hope. That being said, I did join and I am watching it closely.

One of the things I enjoyed during a recent broadcast was the rationale of not joining Micky Mouse programs making nickels and dimes. I agree with that completely. If you are going to promote something then make it worth your time.

My number 1 program I make money in and provides the tools I need to do so is Worldprofit. It offers more products than any other program online and has been around for over 20 years. You can bet it is going to be around for at least 20 more.