Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Total Takeover..... Scam?

I have been online for a long time. For many years I have treated this as a hobby. I have made money and I have spent money. This blog used to be filled to overflowing, but things happen and life gets in the way. I wish I could go back and look at my archives though. I remember a program that was very much like TotalTakeover. 

It is too early to say whether it is legit or not.... But, if history repeats itself then this pay plan has never worked before.  I did some due diligence and the forums are exploding with traffic about this being a scam. Here is one article that explains why and how it will not work BehindMLM.

I would love to tell you this is a great program and you will make a ton of money with it. But, as someone who has already seen a lot of stuff online I don't hold out a lot of hope. That being said, I did join and I am watching it closely.

One of the things I enjoyed during a recent broadcast was the rationale of not joining Micky Mouse programs making nickels and dimes. I agree with that completely. If you are going to promote something then make it worth your time.

My number 1 program I make money in and provides the tools I need to do so is Worldprofit. It offers more products than any other program online and has been around for over 20 years. You can bet it is going to be around for at least 20 more. 

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