Sunday, December 6, 2015

MXRevShare and BuildABiz work for me.

I have been working online for a  few years. I have watched the Rev Share programs grow and they remind me of the Auto Surf programs a few years ago. I made some decent money with Auto Surfs when I first started, but watched as they were closed down by the powers that be.

I tried to stay away from the Rev Share programs until a company I invested $500 in a few years ago, and has been paying me monthly dividends since, decided to get involved. Here is the rub, MxRevShare is a fair rev share program that has a twist that really intrigued me. When you earn your daily rev share, 25 percent is donated to your millionaire account, which you use to upgrade in the MillionaireX programs. How could I refuse? Here is my disclosure, if people upgrade in the MillioaireX programs I get 1% of the profit.

It is in my best interest to support a program that helps others and myself succeed. The MillionaireX programs were founded by James Valentine, whom I have corresponded with, he is a positive motivational speaker who has written books and done seminars. His MillionaireX programs revolve around these inspirational products. He is an honets and hard working business owner and I support his cause.

Now of course I own several websites that are active and growing and want to support them. I discussed this with my good friend Graham Twist, who actually introduced MillionaireX to me 3 years ago. At that time we went in a different direction and have come full circle. He has included programs he feels will help you make money quickly in his personal site. Again full disclosure, I joined him in TrafficMonsoon and he joined me in MxRevShare.

 To make my life easier I decided to use buildABiz to promote my programs. This is a win-win, BuildABiz allows me or you to advertise any business, especially if you upgrade for a measly $5 a month.

To your Profits,

Will Buckley

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