Sunday, October 30, 2016

MX.WORLD will make Rev Share more legit?

James Lee Valentine and Janus Nowak are taking the MX platform to a whole new world... Pun intended. 

I am just a little excited about where I see this new site going. I feel like it is a wonderful "bringing together" of all of James and Janus's business ideas and ventures. 

I have been a member of the MX programs since the inception. I wish I had been more focused and built them to a profitable level. My biggest problem was James kept adding and changing programs which made me shy away. This was the opposite of what Janus did, he turned it into goldmine and then went to James with a brilliant idea to create a Revshare and adding the other MX programs. Doing this, brought me back in to the fold. 

I was disappointed when the MX programs were removed, but I was pretty heavily invested by that time and had upgraded in a couple before this happened. I continued to build my MX advertising account and watching my 10 ads per day. I have built my adshares up to over $8000 now and am in profit. 

The expansion of MX.World will see more opportunities to grow a real business online with empowerment and tools to use to build any business. Here are the ones currently listed and short explanation.

 Your Key To Success are listed on the home page and below is the overview of why you should be part of this program.

We have multiple SUCCESS SYSTEMS created in house by our founder James Lee Valentine to help our members make positive transformations in their lives personally and financially and in their business. 

Do you want your own home business to generate extra income for you? You may choose from our range of MILLIONAIREX business programs which have been online every day since May 2011. 

We developed a unique and sophisticated yet EASY TO USE advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities. 

Our members have access to an innovative range of technologically advanced resources specially designed to help MAXIMIZE their online endeavors. Greater productivity equals greater success equals greater profitability. 

Become a member of MX WORLD and you can choose from a selection of empowering products, all written and produced in house, and all free of charge, for you to use in your quest for positive life transformation.

Get in and stay tuned! MX.World is up and running. Make sure you check out their Facebook page too. Don't wait until the 1st of November (the day before my birthday) to join, do it now and ride the wave. I cannot wait to see what James and Janus have in store for us.