Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Funnel anyone can use.

I have always been the one who wants the little guy to succeed. I am always trying to figure out how I can get someone with no money in to real money in the shortest time possible. I mean I own websites like 30daysystem, 60daystoprofit, 60daystoriches. I even have websites that pay you to look at ads like and You get the idea.

Now I am trying to work out a way to funnel people into programs that pay and help them become successful. I like programs that you can join for free and when you can afford it you upgrade.

Here is my current thought process. I am really excited about a program called MX.World You can join for free and have a look around, of course you  are not really going to make money until you buy advertising and join their matrix programs.

The potential is really high and the advertising site is one years old, but James Lee Valentine has been around with the empowerment sites since 2011.

Your income potential is pretty unlimited in MX. You can make a lot of money if you do it right.

Now I know better than to put all of my eggs in one basket. Heck, I have a couple dozen baskets going, but MX.World has been my favorite for the last year.

Here is what I have been trying to figure out. To me MX is my what, but there is no guarantee. I would rather not advertise just that and have them go away. So, now trying to figure out my how and where are getting tricky.

I really like to keep things simple and the price reasonable. Of course as we grow we need to increase our profits and we need a funnel to push this traffic through. One that we can hold on to after any company goes away.

The one I keep going back to is Build a Biz Online. It has all the tools you will ever need and you can join for free, with two upgrades, $5.75 for pro, and Pro Plus for $10. As a free member you can advertise one business, which in our case would be MX.World. Once you get in profit and can afford to skim off your upgrade costs then you can become a pro and advertise more stuff.

 I also like all the tools you get in Worldprofit. The best part about Worldprofit is you can join for free (a pain), but you can learn every where and how to market and where to advertise. Once you are able to pull the $99 from MX.World you could upgrade here every month. It is well worth it to upgrade and get a free site, and so much more.

The other benefit to these programs are they pay you affiliate commissions on all upgrades of your downline members. So if you are a member of all three and upgrade, you get paid more. Makes sense right?

Okay, to recap. I want to build a funnel system using, using their program page to advertise our programs. We can use it in MX.World to grow our BBO dowline and every where else to build our MX downline. 

Now there are many programs out there to help with where, but they do not pay like Worldprofit. I have added the link in the above BBO link, just click on it to see what I am talking about. 

Let me know what you think in the comments section.